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Koenig Solutions review by Matee and Mpakanyane from United Arab Emirates. Both are at Koenig Dubai for Career Enabler Oracle Database Administrator from 02nd March – 12th May,14.
career enabler oracle database administrator, oracle database training, oracle database certification, oracle database course, koenig dubai, student feedback
career enabler oracle database administrator, oracle database training, oracle database certification, oracle database course, koenig dubai, student feedback

career enabler oracle database administrator, oracle database training, oracle database certification, oracle database course, koenig dubai, student feedback

Coming to Koenig Dehradun for IT training was a great learning experience for me and I gained a lot of knowledge related to my field of study, but also gained some insight into the culture and life of people in this part of India.

The learning center itself and its location, offers the opportunity for students to truly focus on their studies, since it is nicely located in a quiet and somewhat remote part of town, and away from all the noise, hustle and bustle that you will normally find and come to expect in a large city.

 A student on training can find some respite and relief, and some time to clear his mind and revitalize his energies coming from a hectic day in class from all the rigors of the course work and labs that the training entails.

A quiet moment even for a short while is most welcome, and the setting in this training center, allows you to enjoy the view of the surrounding hills and parts of the Himalayan mountain range.

The Management and staff of Dehradun are truly warm and receptive and sensitive to your needs and they go above and beyond to ensure that you are properly taken care of; since anything from meals to your bedding comfort and laundry is all taken care of.

The Center Manager is truly remarkable and commendable in her work, in ensuring that the quality of services that Koenig is so proud of, is kept and maintained and for that, I am well pleased for all her efforts.

Overall the feedback that I have of my stay and CCNA training in Koenig Dehradun is very positive and I could not say anything better.

Basing things from my own observation, I was able to get the impression that Koenig had indeed become in its own right, a Mecca for a IT folks like myself who are in need for and require good quality training.

With the diversity of people from all parts of the world who come to  congregate here in Koenig Centers for IT training and hands on experience; I may say that Koenig has indeed succeeded in establishing itself to become the United Nations  of sorts for personalized IT training.

Given my experience, I definitely would be coming back in the future for my training needs; and I find it all worth the effort as did a lot of other folks that I have met, who had come and gone here numerous times in the past and had still continued to do so till now.

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