Combo Weblogic Server 11g

  • Overview

    This course will teach Web administrators various techniques for configuring and installing WebLogic Server version 11g. This course will teach you how to configure HTTP Server as the Web interface for WebLogic Server, along with supporting failover and load balancing for applications. This course will teach web administrators how to set out Java EE applications to WebLogic Server version 11g with the use of Administration Console and scripting tools like WLST. System administration of WebLogic Server covers broad variety of activities, from configuring and creating server domains, to securing and deploying applications. This course will include an in-depth analysis of JMS systems in WebLogic including SAF, message Bridge etc.

    Audience : This course is ideal for Sales Consultants, Java EE Developers, Web Administrators, and J2EE Developers.

    Course Objectives

    • Install, build and employ WebLogic Server
    • Build a highly available messaging infrastructure
    • Computerize server migration and failover
    • Employ LDAP for authentication
    • Execute routine WebLogic Server administration functions
    • Set up a cluster of servers and distribute applications and resources to the cluster
    • Deploy different types of Java EE applications to Oracle WebLogic Server

    Course Content / Exam(s)

    Schedule for Combo Weblogic Server 11g
    Course # Course Content Exam # Exam Regular Track
    Combo Weblogic Server 11g Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Administration Essentials &
    Oracle  WebLogic Server 11g: Advanced Administration
    1Z0-102 Oracle Weblogic  Server 11g :  System Administration I 10
    Total 10
    • Basic TCP/IP networking knowledge of client/server concepts.
    • Basic Linux commands and desktop navigation.Experience with basic Linux administration and Java EE concepts and constructs including Servlet, JSP.
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    Zachariah  Koenig IT Training Student

    This is my second time at Koenig Delhi training centre. I first came here in 2011 for OCE - JEE6 and Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g - Java Programming. Why did I choose Koenig for the second time? It...

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    Armando Paulo  Miranda Uime Koenig IT Training Student

    It was an excellent experience at Koenig Dubai. The training center exceeded my expectations with their exceptional services from the time I arrived at the airport. Everything was great, be it the...

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    Ali Al Maawali  Koenig IT Training Student

    I am Ali Al Maawali from Sultanate of Oman; I was here to take course in Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g: Java Programming. I would like to share my experience with Koenig Solutions, Delhi. After I...

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    Mohammed Al-Yosef  Koenig IT Training Student

    My name is Mohammed Al-Yosef, and I am an EAI developer working for Mobily Telecommunications back home in Saudi Arabia. Most of my colleagues go to training in Europe as the company pays for the...

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