MCITP Certification Courses

An MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional) certification validates an individual’s expertise in performing a particular IT job role, such as that of an enterprise administrator, network administrator or virtualization administrator.

MCITP credential not only imparts the skills to configure, install, and troubleshoot Microsoft technologies, it also builds expertise to manage Microsoft product implementations and deployments. Professionals can then become proficient in making necessary organizational and technology decisions to fulfill business objectives related to IT. MCITP, however, is based on earlier versions of MS products, therefore holds value for companies where previous versions are still being used.

Going further, candidates can get special upgrade certifications to earn MCSA or MCSE in order to keep pace with the changing times.


What is the MCITP Certification?

  • MCITP certification from Microsoft is one of the most prestigious and recognised certifications for IT professionals. It asserts that you possess a sophisticated set of skills to perform, resolve and create innovative solutions and use these learned techniques to perform your tasks at an organisation, such as a database administrator.

How can I get MCITP Certified?

  • The best way to get MCIPT Certification is to enrol in an MCITP Certification Course at an authorised institute. This must be preceded by a relevant experience in the IT industry. More hands-on experience results in an effective MCITP Training. Also, your chances to gain MCITP Certification

How much effective are Microsoft's online training courses for the MCITP courses?

  • There are many success stories regarding those who have opted for MCITP Certification course online and found it useful. It also depends on a professional's work experience and their level of comfortability. You can receive an online MCITP training from an authorised professional institution

Is there a recertification policy for the MCITP credential?

  • MCITP Certification does not expire, so a recertification is not needed. Although the certification will be labelled as 'Legacy' once the technology is no longer supported by Microsoft. It does not deem your knowledge

How long will my certification be valid?

  • An MCITP Certification remains valid for as long as the certification issuing company continues to use the technology for which you obtained an MCITP Training.

    Afterwards, your certificate will be labelled as 'Legacy' because the technology is no longer in use, but

What is MCTS certification?

  • MCTS certification was a Specialist certification that tested your skills and abilities on a specific Microsoft environment, such as Windows operating system, Exchange Server, etc. It is no longer in development but still widely accepted across all industry verticals.

What is the value of MCTS for Career ?

  • The career prospects for someone with an MCTS certification are quite high. The MCTS Certification training will give you the necessary skills needed to become an expert on one of the Microsoft environments. Although most people signing up for this certification possess many years of

Is there any job or job opportunity after MCTS?

  • Job opportunities come pouring in once an IT professional seeks MCTS Certification. This is because of the expertise in a particular Microsoft domain, which is widely used across all industry verticals. You may seek employment as a Senior Software Engineer, Systems Administrator or Information

Comparing MCTS with other courses ?

  • MCTS Certification Course offered by Microsoft are in multiple environments each of which is specific to the job role you perform in an IT industry. Likewise, there are other certifications such as, MCP, MCITP, MCM, etc., with distinct course requirements, for which, an MCTS certification may be

Why it is different from other course in the market ?

  • The reason MCTS Certification is so different from other courses is that it tests your proficiency and ability on a specific environment, where you have many years of hands-on experience.

    As a domain expert, it is natural that you are consulted on that domain, so your job prospects increase tremendously.